Tripton Story

The manufacturing & blending plant for Tripton Lubricants, Grease and Car Care, brand was founded in 2014, as a subsidiary of AbdelRazak Chahrour Establishment, which has 24 years of hands on experience in the Automotive engine oil, grease and filter business.

TRIPTON® Lubricants are well engineered products.

Products are manufactured in our blending Plant which is designed with flexibility to customize to customer requirements.

Tripton is backed by state of the art Quality testing lab to conduct various quality control tests in production and packing phase also while receiving raw materials.Our accessible facilities include base oil storages and additives which feed our blending plant of over 10,000 ton / year in capacity, and they are equipped with a full range of filling lines from small packs to Pails, Drums and IBCs.

To cater to the ever-transforming demands of the Automotive industry, TRIPTON® R&D, international procurement department are emphasized upon the task.

TRIPTON® Lubricants, Grease and Car care products offers a wide range of products which are marketed and distributed through our team of professionals serves our customers in the MENA and Europe.

We offer excellent technical and after sales support. The companies has established a quality management system in accordance with ISO Standard. The established Quality Management System covers the activities in all our production areas.