Vehicle Gear Oil Package


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  • Vehicle Gear Oil Package is made from a variety of functional additives, such as high quality extreme pressure anti-wear additive and anti-rust additive, etc., Have passed the L-37、L-42、L-60、L-33 and other industry standard bench test. The heavy-duty vehicle gear oil that blending with a 4.2% treating rate, can meet the specification requirements of the MIL-L-2105E (API GL-5) and GB13895-1992 standard.
  • This product is suitable for blending the vehicle gear oils with various viscosity grade,
Product Storage and Transportation
  • The storage temperature should not exceed 45°C , the loading/unloading and blending temperature should not exceed 60°C .
  • Refer to SH/T0164 when storage、loading/unloading and blending. Safety precautions refer to the corresponding safety technical specifications.
  • Product packaging: 200L metal drum or according to user requirements packaging.

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