SAE 5w-30 – API SM


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  • TRIPTON Motor Oils meet the automotive manufacturer’s requirements of SM requirements for use in passenger car and light duty diesel engine applications.
  • TRIPTON Motor Oils show improved high temperature deposit control, oil consumption and improvements in fuel economy. The 5w-30 has a better low-temperature pumpability and lower volatility when compared with motor oils meeting other API classifications.


  • Grade 5W-30 is semi-synthetic motor oils.
  • TRIPTON Motor Oils, through the use of highest quality base stocks and up to date additive technology, are formulated to provide the highest levels of equipment protection available. TRIPTON Motor Oils provide:

➢ Excellent Fuel Economy.
➢ Excellent volatility for low oil consumption.
➢ Excellent protection from deposits at all operation temperatures.
➢ Excellent anti-wear, anti-foam, bearing corrosion and anti-rust protection.

➢ Excellent cold cranking capabilities.

  • TRIPTON Motor Oils may be recommended for the following uses:
  • ➢  When SM oil is required.
  • ➢  Meets car manufacturers’ requirements.
  • ➢  Resource Conserving motor oil (5W30)
  • TRIPTON Motor Oils are available in 5 multi-viscosity grades to comply with most passenger car and light duty truck engine applications.

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Available Capacities

18L, 1L, 200L, 4L

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