SAE 15w-40 – API SL/CI4


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  •   Premium grade diesel engine oil that provides excellent protection for newer, high performance engines that are used in the toughest on road and off road applications.
  •   Shown to be versatile as well as able to meet the grueling demands of today’s low emission diesel engines, as well as the older models which are using both low and high sulfur fuels.
  •   Recommended for use in a variety of heavy duty applications as well as operating environments.
  •   Meets the API SL specification for gasoline engines that are used in mixed fleets.
  •   Meets the API CI-4 specifications for diesel engine requirements.
  • ➢  Performs well in low emission diesel engines which increase the demands on engine lubricants.
  • ➢  Delivers the best performance in these late model engines, as well as older engines.
  • ➢  Excellent soot handling capabilities.
  • ➢  Excellent thermal stability and oxidation control.
  • ➢  Contains properties which provide anti-wear and anti-scuff.
  • ➢  Contains extended TBN reserves which provide improved acid neutralization and corrosion protection.
  • ➢  Maximizes oil flow to the critical bearing surfaces during start up.
  • ➢  Has stay-in-grade sheer stability.
  • ➢  Extended drain capabilities- excellent water tolerance.
  • ➢  Meets the manufacturer’s warranty requirements of CI-4 and SL.
  • ➢  On the highway applications for light and heavy duty trucking.
  • ➢  Off the highway applications such as trucking, construction, agriculture and quarrying.
  • ➢  Various mixed fleet applications.
  • ➢  TRIPTON CI4 engine oils are recommended for use wherever the following European standards are specified: ACEA A5/B5, A3/B4, A3/B3, A1/B1 / E7, E6, E5, E3, E2 and E1.

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18L, 200L

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