Antioxidant and Corrosion Inhibitor


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  • Is Zinc Long-chain Alkyl Dithiophosphate, a kind of antioxidant and anti- corrosion agent. This product has excellent thermal and hydrolysis stability, outstanding anti-oxidation and anti-wear performance, which can effectively solve the problem of engine cylinder sleeve and piston’s abrasion under high temperature and pressure. It can be widely adopted in various oils, especially for high grade diesel engine oil and gasoline engine oil. The general dosage is 0.5%-2.5%.
Package, Storage & Shipment
  • The product is packed with iron barrels, with a net weight of 200kg/barrel, suitable for all means of transport.
    The temperature of storage and transportation shall not surpass 45°C. The shelf life of product is 2 years.
  • In case of contact with skin accidentally, wash it off thoroughly with water and detergents

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