Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil Package


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  • Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil Package (Zn) is formulated with a variety of additives such as superior Anti wear-Agent、High-Temp Antioxidant and Antiseptic Agent. The oil prepared by using the compound has good abrasion resistance, anti-oxidation, good anti-emulsification property and air releasing property and the hydraulic oil life is obviously prolonged.
  • This product is suitable for deployment of a variety of viscosity GB grade anti-wear hydraulic oil, all kinds of indicators and performance of all meet the standards.
Product Storage and Transportation
  • The storage temperature should not exceed 50°C , the loading/unloading and blending temperature should not exceed 60°C .
  • When storage、loading/unloading and blending, refer to SH/T0164,it is not flammable, not explosive, not corrosive, in the items of safety, environment protection, use, etc, it is same as normal petroleum product, with no special protection. Product package: The product is packed with 200 liter iron drum or according to users requirement.
  • Specific weight of delivery is subject to the actual filling weight.

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