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Ashless Dispersant
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TRIPTON – Ashless Dispersant

* This product is made from high active polyisobutylene (Mw=1300) and produced by thermal adduction process.

* Has good detergency and sludge dispersancy at low temperature.

* Can inhibit the formation of carbon and paint film at engine piston.

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  • Used for blending high grade engine oil,ATF and 2-stroke engine oil,etc.
  • Also can be used for blending energy saving and environment-friendly industry oil or used as surfactant in other field.
  • Dosage recommended (wt%): 0.1-10.0%.


  • Good dispersancy at low temperature
  • Good oil solubility
  • Good detergency
  • Good antioxidation and antiwear property
  • Contains no chlorine

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